Important changes from Saturday 20th February 2021

Published on 17th February 2021 in Uncategorised

Members, the club has decided to adjust some of the COVID-19 local rules implemented in 2020. 

Please read the adjustments below commencing Saturday 20th February 2021. 

Flagsticks – Golfers now have the option to remove the flagsticks under the rules of golf. 

Bunkers  Bunkers will remain preferred lies with no rakes, however golfers may place the ball within 1 club length of the original lie, changed from 30cm. 

Golf Carts – The club will now return back to the discounted $25 medical cart agreement.  For golfers wishing to hire a cart, the fee will now return back to $40 for all non medical list members.  The Medical cart listed members hire fee will remain at $25 for single use. 


John Harrison
General Manager. 

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