Dress Rules & Etiquette

Dress Rules & Etiquette

Members and visitors are required to conform to standards of dress in keeping with the dignity associated with the game of golf, and befitting a member of a private club.  Dress on the course and in the clubhouse must be neat, clean and in good taste at all times.

Please review our Dress Regulations

Mobile phones are not allowed in and around the Clubhouse or on the course.  They may be used only in the car parks.

NOTE: These rules apply both in the Clubhouse, on the golf course, and on the practice areas.

Course and Clubhouse Etiquette


  • All players must report to the Pro shop 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tee time. 
  • Walk quickly between shots and call faster players through.  Remember your position in the field is immediately behind the players in front, not merely in front of the players behind.  The maximum time for 18 holes should be four hours fifteen minutes.
  • All players to carry a sand bucket.  Please repair all divots in fairway and rough, and pitch marks on greens.  Rake bunkers after play and leave the rake in bunker parallel to the hole and at the lowest point of the bunker.
  • The use of golf carts is a privilege not a right.  They are to be driven at a responsible speed and not within 5 metres of greens or on the side of tees or close to bunkers and hazards.
  • If you hit a ball into an area where the ball may be difficult to find or out of bounds, always play a provisional ball from the same spot before you leave the position of the first ball.


  • Smoking is restricted to the balconies of the Clubhouse and only when people are not eating in your proximity.
  • No food items are to be brought into the Clubhouse by members or guests.
  • Consumption of beverages in the Clubhouse must be from a glass and not from bottles or cans.
  • Noise level is to be kept to minimum on the balcony in consideration of players on adjacent tees, greens, and putting green.
  • Members and guests shall not directly reprimand any employee of the Club.  Complaints are to be communicated to the General Manager.
  • Monash Country Club complies with the Responsible Service of Alcohol Practices.

Mobile Phones

  • Prohibited on the course and in the Clubhouse.  They are to be used only in the car parks.


  • Must be worn in the appropriate manner and with the peak facing forward.  Gentlemen are to remove hats/caps in the clubhouse