Monash President & Captain email 12 July 2021

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We are pleased to advise that Monash will re-open to members tomorrow, Tuesday, 13th July. In accordance with Public Health Orders related to outdoor exercise, there are a number of rules that must be adhered to, with one of the key rules being that you can only attend the Club if you reside within the Northern Beaches Local Government Area or if you live within 10kms of the Club (but reside in another Local Government Area). We have provided a link to assist you in determining your 10km eligibility here.

For those members who are ineligible to exercise at Monash, the Club will make enquiries of other courses to see if a small number of reciprocal daily spots can be arranged at other courses. Unfortunately, obviously we can make no promises in this regard, but will advise in due course.

It is also appropriate that we thank you all for your understanding in closing the course for the last three days. Aside from allowing us to correctly interpret the ambiguous Health Orders, the closure has allowed the course to have minimal, yet critical respite, given that we have had record traffic on the course over the past 12 months and the fact it was a very wet weekend. No course is able to sustain the traffic we have had and still be presented in pristine condition (despite the excellent work that our superintendent Rob Sain and his team provide). When course traffic is at these sorts of levels, it is a fine balancing act between access and maintenance.

Other key changes include:

For the time being Platinum advanced booking rights are suspended, however normal booking privileges based on membership category will be retained.

2 to a group and only 1 person per cart (unless from the same household);

Compulsory competitions every day for all tee times up to 12.30pm;

Maximum of 3 games per week for Platinum and 7day members;

Maximum of 2 games per week for 5day & 3day members;

Maximum of 1 competition and 1 social game per week for Active Green members.

Bookings will open tonight @ 7pm for:

Tuesday 13/7 

Wednesday 14/7 

Thursday 15/7 

Bookings for Friday 16/7 and beyond will open at 7pm three days prior (e.g.)

For Friday 16/7 the sheet will open on Tuesday evening at 7pm

For Saturday 17/7 the sheet will open on Wednesday evening at 7pm

and so on. As always these arrangements are subject to change at any time!

Please DO NOT attend the club if you are not booked in for golf.


If I book a round late in the afternoon to play social golf does it count towards my total rounds for the week? Yes it does.

If I have played my allocated round numbers and there are free spots on the sheet in the given week, am I allowed to play more? No. As every lockdown has resulted in differing groups of members being eligible to exercise at Monash, we will monitor usage in the first week to see if changes to game allowances need to be made.

Can I get a lesson. Yes, but only if you live within the allocated zone allowed to attend the club. 

Is the driving range open. No, warm up will be restricted to the nets only.

Can I use the putting green. Yes, maximum 4 players and only those who are about to head out for their round.

How long should a round in 2’s take to play? We found in the 2020 lockdown it took between 2.5 and 3 hours. 

Can I use a paper scorecard for comp? No, Mi-Score only.


Noodles to go in holes. Do not remove the pin.
Rakes will remain out.
Proshop open for takeaway only.
Only arrive for golf 15mins prior. Members arriving before this time will be asked to return to their car.

You must leave at the conclusion of your round. No alcohol is permitted to be consumed in the car park.

Access to locker rooms not permitted via the proshop stairs and through the clubhouse.

The continued reduced requirements of the Club will lead to some of the staff not being required in the workplace to continue their normal duties. The uncertainty as to the duration of the current lockdown is as troubling and stressful for the staff as it is for the Members, and the Board are committed to provide support for our valuable staff over this period. Where possible our full-time staff will be utilised in other areas of the operation, otherwise annual leave provisions are able to be used. Casuals have been able to access Government assistance due to loss of work hours. Once it is business as usual we look forward to welcoming back our great team.

As always please follow the guidelines of the NSW Department of Health in relation to COVID-19 and the reasons to leave home. We are trying our utmost to provide appropriate facilities for you to be able to access during this time.

If you have any symptoms at all, please refrain from attending the Club and get tested. As always, members should adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.

It is understatement to say this is a difficult time for many of our Members, staff, friends and family and we trust that you will stay safe. Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to getting back to some sort of normality in the near future.


Jeff Bresnahan – President 

Jeff Bliss – Captain

For those interested, the main points of the Public Health Order which affect us are below.

The updated Public Health Order provided clarity regarding the distance a person may travel in order to undertake exercise and whether you could travel more than 10kms within your LGA.

(14) Schedule 1, item 5 states

Undertake exercise or outdoor recreation if:

1.  The exercise or recreation is undertaken at a place:
 *Within the local government area in which the person resides or the person’s temporary accommodation is located, or
 *No further than 10 kilometres from the person’s place of residence or temporary accommodation if the place is within another local government area.
2.  For a person travelling in a private vehicle to or from the place, no other person is permitted in the vehicle, other than a member of the person’s household, and
3.  For a person who is at least 18 years of age, the person:
*Carries evidence showing the address of the person’s place of residence or temporary accommodation, and
 *Produces the evidence for inspection if requested to do so by a police officer.

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