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Juniors Program

The Club

Monash Country Club, established in 1942, boasts an impressive golfing history in representative circles, and has won many Junior Pennants & Shields since its inception. As one of the leading Group 1 clubs in Sydney the course is a true test of golf. The practice facilities are arguably the best in Sydney and the clubhouse offers excellent facilities all wrapped up in a beautiful Australian bush environment.

Juniors Program Objective for Cadets and Juniors of all grades and handicaps.

The Junior Development Committee, in conjunction with the Clubs Match & Greens committee, have agreed on the following objectives;

  • To developing Junior golf in the area,
  • To attract, retain and develop young golfers,
  • To develop a winning and supportive culture within the Junior ranks,
  • To provide a clear path for Juniors to achieve their potential,
  • To develop a mentor program to assist in Junior player development.

Board Support

The board of Monash Country Club fully supports the Juniors program. This is evident in a multitude of ways:

  • Subsidised uniforms for Junior representative teams
  • Subsidised fees for Juniors
  • Supports a cadet program
  • Reduced entry fees for Juniors
  • Support Junior workshops & clinics

Jack Newton
Junior Golf Foundation

Monash Country Club works in close association with Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation (JNJGF).  JNJGF offers a competitive age related side, as well as a social aspect with other clubs in NSW. All Juniors in this program are automatically enrolled as members of the foundation, and we encourage them to participate in their events. Refer to the JNJGF website for information on events and programs.

Additional Programs

During school holidays the club organises golf days, and all Juniors are eligible to represent Monash in Encourage Shield, Junior Pennants and Eric Apperly competitions. These competitions are run by Golf NSW and  are played during the second half of the year.

Progression & Playing Options for Cadets

Cadets will progress through the initial training scheme, and during this period they will be tested on skills, rules and etiquette.  Cadets may apply to become Junior members at any stage during the program.

– Full Junior membership and Junior playing rights

 Junior Clinics

How Clinics are conducted

We have three objectives for our clinics. They are:

  • Teach the game of golf
  • Ensure they have as much fun as possible
  • Ready them for future membership of Monash Country Club

1. Teaching

We break up the game into the following components and teach all aspects:

  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker Play
  • Putting
  • Full Swing
  • Rules
  • Etiquette

Our team of professionals conduct the clinics, providing expert tuition to the cadets. Cadets may attend as many clinics as they wish.

2. Enjoyment

We use different venues on the course for some variety, and we also try and play on the course as much as possible. At the end of each clinic the cadets are treated to chips and drinks. This is a way for them to mix and get to know each other.

3. Membership

Our main aim of the program is for our cadets to join the Club as Junior members as soon as they are able. We are not looking for elite players but rather keen and enthusiastic members of the Club, regardless of skill level. We see the cadets as an important part of the future of the Club.

4. Communication

The principle mode of communication from the Club is by email
Email: golf@monashcc.com.au

Important Phone Numbers
Pro Shop:  9913 7722
Office:  9913 8282

Other areas where information can be accessed are
Website: www.monashcc.com.au

5. Equipment

We understand the expense of purchasing equipment in the early stages while children are unsure if they wish to commit. In view of this we allow them to wear trainers on the course, and the Club has a few sets of children’s clubs that players can use at clinics. It is however, recommended that golf shoes with soft spikes are used in the long term as this helps the player grip the ground and hold their stance better.

If you are unsure about type and number of clubs to purchase the pro shop will be happy to advise you.

6. Correct Marking
Of Cards

Juniors will be instructed in the correct method to record their score.

  • Date
  • Name of Player(s)
  • Handicap (if they have one)
  • Score for each hole played
  • Sign the card